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The 11 Cutest Christmas Proposal Ideas

19th November 2020

by Tara W.

cutest christmas proposal ideas

Christmas is arguably one of the most romantic times of the year to propose. There is something about the frosty weather and the cosiness of staying warm indoors with the one you love, that makes it so meaningful. There are so many fun and creative ways to propose too. 

Whether you want to pop the question in front of your family or prefer to keep the moment an intimate one, one thing is guaranteed - a memorable Christmas for years to come. In this article, we discuss the cutest Christmas proposal ideas so you can make this year an unforgettable one.

1. Christmas card proposal

christmas card proposal

Why not surprise your loved one with a personalised Christmas card proposal? Personalise your Christmas card with a romantic proposal message and get down on one knee with a solitaire engagement ring as they are about to open it.

2. Surprise gift proposal

surprise gift proposal

For the ultimate proposal give them a gift they won’t expect. Get a large box and a number of smaller boxes that fit inside each other and wrap each one to look like a present. Place them inside one another so that your loved one has to unwrap each one. The last and smallest gift they unwrap should be a beautiful engagement ring.

3. Christmas tree proposal

What could be a better Christmas tree decoration, than a beautiful vintage engagement ring? Just hang the diamond ring on the tree with a piece of ribbon and get ready to pop the question when they notice it on Christmas day.

4. Romantic snow proposal

romantic snow proposal

If it is snowing where you are at Christmas, why not make the most of it? A proposal in the snow is one of the most romantic proposal ideas. It can be as simple as taking a walk to your favourite spot together, or you could be lucky enough to visit a reindeer or husky farm to soak up the spirit of Christmas before popping the question to your loved one.

5. Say it with lights proposal

With it getting dark and frosty around Christmas time a romantic outdoor proposal may be a great choice. Why not set an area up outside your home or in your garden and spell your proposal message in lights? Try fairy lights or candles for a cute home proposal that will also make the best ring selfie backdrop.

6. Santa's little helper proposal

santas little helper proposal

Plan a cute proposal by getting your child or pet involved. You can either get them to wear a t-shirt with your proposal message written on it, or a ribbon with an engagement ring tied onto it. Be prepared though - your loved one may shed a tear of joy at such a sweet proposal idea!

7. Advent calendar proposal

If you don’t mind getting a bit creative, an advent calendar proposal is a great choice. Create your own by using small numbered pouches tied onto a string and place small gifts into each day’s number. Place the engagement ring inside the last day (Christmas Day) of the calendar, for a surprise they won’t forget!

8. Message in a cracker proposal

christmas cracker proposal

For a proposal with a bang, why not try a message in a cracker? There are plenty of places you can buy personalised crackers so you can add your proposal message, or you could even make your own. Just make sure you give the cracker to the correct person during Christmas dinner!

9. Mistletoe proposal

Maybe a little cliché, but also a cute Christmas proposal idea - proposing under the mistletoe! Grab your loved one under some mistletoe and surprise them with a beautiful diamond ring. It is that sweet and simple!

10. Christmas treasure hunt proposal

Keep your loved one guessing with a Christmas treasure hunt. Start Christmas morning with several questions, with each answer directing them to different locations. The last question should lead your loved one to a beautiful engagement ring.

11. Christmas family photo proposal

christmas family photo proposal

If you want to surprise your loved one, why not plan a Christmas family photo proposal? Whether you prefer to let the family in on the plan (or not), it is entirely up to you. Just as you are taking the annual family photo, get down on one knee with the ring. Or better yet you could pretend you are taking a photograph but instead film the entire proposal. The great thing about this proposal idea is that you will get footage of the whole family’s reactions - perfect for showing the grandchildren in years to come!

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