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Lab-Created Diamonds

Introducing a modern and more affordable alternative - lab-created diamonds. The same beauty and quality as the natural variety just with a different origin.

Why Lab-Created Diamonds?

1. Value

Lab-created diamonds can be up to 30% cheaper than the natural variety. Perfect if you are on a tight budget or wish to maximise your diamond size for the same price.

2. Quality & Beauty

Lab-created diamonds exude the same beauty and quality as the natural variety - in fact, they are visually and chemically identical.


Lab-created diamonds have taken the jewellery industry by storm. They are grown in a laboratory with the help of cutting edge technology - offering a modern alternative to Natural diamonds.

What are Lab-Created Diamonds?

Lab-created diamonds, otherwise known as man-made or cultured diamonds, are grown in a laboratory using cutting edge technology that mimics the conditions under which natural diamonds develop. As they are formed from the same material and exposed to the same conditions, lab-created diamonds are optically and chemically identical to the natural variety.

How are Lab Diamonds Made?

Diamond Seed
Heat & Pressure Aplpication
The diamonds start to grow
Diamond is ready

Our lab-created diamonds are, as their name suggests - made in a laboratory. Each diamond starts its life as a tiny carbon seed. It is then exposed to extreme heat and pressure or entered into a deposition process (known as CVD), to mimic the process of natural diamond formation. It then grows within the laboratory, usually in six to ten weeks, and is cut and polished in the same way that natural diamonds are.

Are Lab-Created Diamonds Real?

Yes! Lab-created diamonds are real diamonds - just with a different origin. They are visually and chemically identical, so they cannot be differentiated by eye, and specialist equipment is required to tell them apart.

Lab Diamonds VS. Natural Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds and Natural diamonds are equally as beautiful as each other. Both are chemically and visually identical, and therefore impossible to differentiate. The only real difference is their origin. Lab-created diamonds are man-made and grown in a laboratory, while Natural diamonds are natural and formed within the Earth’s mantle. While natural diamonds are still the favoured traditional choice, lab diamonds can be up to 30% cheaper than a natural diamond of the same size and quality.

How to buy lab grown diamond jewellery

All of our diamond jewellery is available to buy with synthetic lab grown diamonds; this is easily selected as an option on our product pages. Just choose the ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings of interest and select "Lab-Created Diamonds" before adding to your bag.

Lab Diamonds FAQ

Yes, lab diamonds offer a great solution if you are searching for a larger diamond for your budget or a mining-free alternative. Lab diamonds tend to be more affordable than natural diamonds of the same size and quality. However, as with every gemstone, resale value can vary over time. As lab-created diamonds are fairly new to the jewellery industry, there is some uncertainty over future pricing when compared to natural diamonds.

Both Natural and lab diamonds are physically and chemically identical. They are real diamonds that offer the same characteristics and sparkle as a natural diamond. It is impossible to differentiate lab diamonds from natural diamonds using the naked eye. Specialist equipment is required to distinguish lab diamonds from the natural variety.

Just like Natural diamonds, every lab diamond is unique and varies in cut, colour and clarity. Lab-created diamonds can have minor internal flaws or surface inclusions, in a similar way to high-quality natural diamonds. Using the same strict standards applied to evaluate natural diamonds, lab-created diamonds are rigorously tested and graded by independent gemological labs.

Yes, lab-created diamonds offer great value for money and can be up to 30% cheaper than a natural diamond of the same size and quality.

Yes, you can insure lab diamonds, in the same way as natural diamonds, for further peace of mind.